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Garden areas maintained by Garden Friends (from the top of village)

Danny Palmer Nature Reserve at Marchup Ghyll, Silsden Road
This area was a Victorian landfill site which was mainly ash and broken glass. It was sealed with a layer of soil, sown with wild flower seed and planted with over 900 native trees and shrubs (planting by a working party of villagers and children) and bird nesting boxes (provided by the Wharfedale Naturalists Society and a villager) have been erected. The maintenance work is being done by AGF volunteers and BMDC, with finance from the Parish Council, the Onyx Environmental Trust and trees provided by ‘Bradford Forest’. The reserve was very much the work of the late Cllr.Danny Palmer and has now been rre-named in his honour.

It was formally opened in 2004 and has information boards to help visitors.
See many more photos HERE.

‘Lay-By’ Garden opposite Townhead Trading Estate (below)
This small garden was built by the Parish Council on land sold to them for a nominal £1 on condition it was used as a garden in perpetuity. It has been planted to give year round interest with a mixture of annuals, perennials and shrubs. See many more photos

‘Sailor Corner’ Garden above The The Sailor pub, below.
We have made new beds in this shady area with woodland plants to add a new area of interest in the village - most other gardens are in full sun. Planting includes bamboos to add a background. See many more photos

‘Cottages’ Garden (below)
This garden is so named because it was created after old cottages were demolished during ‘slum clearance’ in the 1960s. With the help of B.M.D.C. the garden has been re-designed,with re-shaped beds, a new wall along the pavement side (see below). Across the road you will see railing planters which were initially planted by the 2nd Addingham Brownies for their badgework but have recently been replaced with larger containers. See many more photos

Fountain Garden (below)
This garden was rebuilt by the AGF, with a large ‘pebble’ fountain as the centre piece. The small auxiliary fountains were deliberately positioned close to the front to allow children to play with them. The Civic Society sponsored re-paving of the surrounding area (formally poor asphalt) and a villager has donated a seat in memory of his wife to make this (with the adjacent Hen Pen Garden) a very popular area with villagers and visitors. See many more photos

Hen Pen Garden (below)
This is the largest of the village gardens and was completely re-designed and re-planted by A.G.F. Over the past three years (main picture below). This major project included new roses and an old village gatepost (as a central feature).
The access ramp was sponsored by Addingham Parish Council and stone edgings and paving provided and built by B.M.D.C. Parks & Landscape Dept. See many more photos

War Memorial area (below)
This area adjacent to the Memorial Hall Car Park and the sports ground behind are owned by the Parish Council. The access drive to the Memorial was re-paved by AGF using a grant from the Living Spaces organisation, and new beds have been made along the drive. See many more photos

North Street Garden (below)
This was previously planted with roses but they suffered from rose sickness and, perhaps, the shallowness of the soil. The AGF have edged the central bed with boards, built up the soil level, and re-planted it with ‘cottage garden’ perennials and shrubs. See many more phots

Ilkley Road Welcome Bed (below)
The welcome bed has been re-located and rebuilt by a villager (f.o.c.). See more photos of this and other containers

(b) Other Garden areas See photos HERE.
Medical Centre
Our new Medical Centre is proving a great asset to the village, and now incorporates the village Pharmacy as well. The beds around the Centre were originally planted by contract gardeners employed by the Doctor but are now being re-planted by the Garden Friends to add more colour and variety. See photos

Children’s playground
This new playground was officially opened by the 2009 Gala Queen in 2010. The playground was built for the village by the Addingham Civic Society, with donations from village individuals and groups as well as grant money. The adjacent flower bed has been planted by B.M.D.C. and the Garden Friends. See phots

The Fleece Pub
The patio area and the frontage are always very colourfully decorated with tubs and hayracks and the new owner has added lots of new planters.

High House Mews
This development for retired people has beautifully maintained gardens. The maintenance is mainly carried out by the residents themselves. It won the Ben Bailey Homes Trophy 4 years after construction.

Church Orchard
This garden, opposite the Church, has been developed as a re-creation of a traditional Rectory garden with numerous varieties of fruit trees and a wild garden area. The tenant has also planted thousands of snowdrops in the garden and in the adjacent field.

St. Peter’s Church
Our ancient and beautifully situated Parish Church. The area is decorated with approximately 40,000 daffodils in the spring, which have been progressively added to since the original ‘Golden necklace’ around the walls was planted. Maintenance is by Church members. See Home page.

Addingham Primary School
The school Gardening Club, run by three enthusiastic teachers, grow flowers, salad plants, herbs and vegetables, the latter used by the school kitchens and bought by a local pub. Children of all ages are keenly involved. The greenhouse is used for raising seeds and some experiments.

Silsden Road Recreation Ground
This was equipped with a new children’s play area, using money (£45,000!) raised by an action group of parents and other villagers. An area was planted with native trees by volunteers led by the Parish Council to link with the nature reserve across the road.

Silsden Road Allotments
These are two of the three allotment sites in the village - the other is at Newtown at the top of Stockinger Lane. As well as holding regular talks and running as shop, the Addingham Allotment & Gardens Association holds well supported Spring and Summer Flower Shows in the village. The field below the upper allotments has be converted to new plots by the Parish Council and the Allotments & Gardens Association to eliminate the allotment waiting list in the village (below).

Street House Farm Estate
This estate (built during the 1990s) has many very well planted and maintained private gardens, visually helped by the open plan frontages.

Sugar Hill Green (adjacent to Hen Pen)
This grass area was created when the railway was demolished about 1969. AGF created a corner bed to replace an old dog rose, new planting in front of the toilets to replace a scruffy grass bank, a grasses bed beside the toilets and snowdrops to add to the daffodils in the grass. The Parish Council has recently replaced the central seat and planted a Korean Pine in memory of the late Councillor Mick Aldridge. Bird boxes (made by a villager) have been fixed to trees on the green. See photos


See, the Addingham village information website for all the info about the village.