RHS Britain in Bloom Judges’ Report
October 2012

Horticultural Achievement
Areas of achievement
• The creation, management and development of the main route, much of which is in dense shade,
and the good plant choice and high maintenance standards.
• The use of sustainable planting in varied areas, utilising shrubs, herbaceous plants, alpines and
• The many examples of gap sites and formerly derelict areas which have been landscaped and maintained to great effect, all of which are in keeping with the fine built fabric of the town.
• The high quality allotments.
• The excellent newsletter and series of events.
Areas for development
• You are clearly competent in sustainable planting and we suggest that you roll this out in other areas, e.g. the complete verge at the surgery and some planters where you could use more plants of architectural impact. <-|
• We must mention the large dead tree adjacent to the car park as this needs to be addressed.
• Unfortunately there are examples of variable quality in both design and planting of some baskets and tubs which resulted in reduced floral impact. Consideration could be given to creating a wow factor in areas like George Street; perhaps you could encourage people by designating it as an IYN project.
• On future tours you could consider including a sports area, as we only passed by the bowling green and the sports facilities and it would have been good to see more.

Environmental Responsibility
Areas of achievement
• The Marchup Ghyll Nature Reserve, the plant species analysis (Don's records) and the plans for the future.
• We were especially pleased to note a full commitment to bees, flora and fauna throughout all plantings.
• It was unusual to find such a high level of cleanliness along a main street given the constant traffic flow.
• The play area and High House Mews development were of a very high standard.Areas for development
Seat maintenance was variable and you should consider a refurbishment and redesign of the pig trough and geese sculpture to create more impact
• Try to provide a few more examples of community involvement in resource management and highlight them on the tour.
• Finally, give consideration to emphasising your wonderful heritage more by perhaps developing a heritage trail. We look forward to seeing the implementation of your future plans, particularly those involving more young people.

Community Participation
Areas of achievement
• The all-round quality of community participation and development which engages almost all sections of the community; councillors, children, MPs, officers from Bradford MDC but, above all, those participating members of the Bloom team.
Areas for development
• We recommend that you hold community workshops, talks and demonstrations to help develop horticultural skills across the community and thereby improve consistency of standards.